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YOP7 wk 6

I dont have a list for A Year of Projects. What I do have is a bundle I made on ravelry with projects I’d like to make.. someday. Also I’ve planned out 4 big quarterly projects. This quarter, July 1st to Sept 30 is the Princess Mononoke Pullover. Yes I started it in May but it is less than half done and it needs to get done.

This is the best photo I could post since I am in a middle of a row. This was a few months ago. I think I am close to half way done with the graph . When I take better pics I will talk about adjustments I want to make .18646026_1335903496495458_9118225529437159424_n

There is this group on ravelry that will be making the Sophie’s Universe blanket in October which is great since that is when I plan start my second big quarterly project… fate 🙂  And October is when I will have extra money from the Halloween orders from my etsy shop 🙂 🙂 Yup, I may have to buy more yarn for this project.

For my current WIPS , I am still working on the Man hat. I love how this yarn is knitting up. My YOP friend, Becki told me Saturate by Premier Yarns is discontinued. Which broke my heart 😦 I have one more skein of the color below ( agate) and  2 others (Zinna and Fluorite).  So I will be extra picky when it comes to projects for those.


And for another group (GEMS) I am making a crocodile scarf…. The CAL of the month is the Dragon/Crocodile/Alligator stitch. Where was this CAL when I made the Mermaid Cowl..lol This is the tail.

I could also finish the  crocodile fingerless gloves I started back in January.  We’ll see 🙂



Patterns used:

Man hat

Princess Mononoke Pullover

Crocodile Scarf


my yop7

9 thoughts on “YOP7 wk 6

  1. I wonder what makes yarn companies decide to discontinue a certain yarn. I find that often it’s one I absolutely love. Right now I’m contemplating putting that crocodile scarf on my list. Can’t wait to see yours once it’s done.


  2. I really like the looks of your pullover. Quarterly goals is a grand idea. It makes me sad when a well loved yarn becomes discontinued. There are some yarns out that need to go away but no……….they are still here lol.


  3. You are already knitting sweater?!? I am very impressed. it looks like a fun sweater to wear. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news about the Saturate yarn. I just saw that it was discontinued when I looked it up on Ravelry. Reading how much you love it, I feel kind of sad that I never even had a chance to experience it. I love the combination of colors in the yarn you’re using to make the Man Hat.


  4. You certainly took off with your knitting! A sweater and it does not look like an easy one….good for you! i love the man hat! I was looking for a pattern for gifts for the men in my family and that is perfect! i started it last night and have 3 inches done already. A very enjoyable knit so far! Thank you for the links. I love the idea of quarterly projects for the big items. Have a great week!


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