A Year of Projects

YOP7 week 5 -July Recap

My purpose goal for this years A Year of Projects ( in case you’re new to my blog) is to slim down my yarn stash. There is yarn from when I started loom knitting almost 5  years ago.

I was thinking that making little projects from my small balls of yarn would help me get through my stash faster.

Reality : Not so much.

Big projects is where its at..lol

Ive used up all the Caron Simply Soft in Pink Camo for the Mermaid’s cowl. I still have about half a skein of the Artist Print after making the Fifi scarf. and I have a tiny ball of the Patons Colorwul in Bloom left over from the Big Stitch cowls….as you can see I was able to make 2 from 1 skein. The other color is Aran from Red Heart , which I bought a jumbo skein a few months back.

The other night I took inventory of all the half and full skeins of yarn. If I dont need it for orders from my shop, they will be used for other things.

yop banners for group2


10 thoughts on “YOP7 week 5 -July Recap”

  1. Hi Erin 🙂 I love the little piggie 🙂 I can’t wait to have a stash of wool…I’m kind of new at this and only buy what I need for a project. I’d love to have lots more to choose from at home!


  2. July was such a colourful month with all your projects and there is quite the array of them. You may not have used a ton of your stash yarn up but that much every month and you would not find it decreasing. Is next month going to be all about the big projects?

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  3. I know what you mean! I have a big plastic bin filled with old acrylic yarn from ‘back in the day’ and I have several projects in the works trying to use it up. I love your little pumpkin jar….so cute! Your flower coasters are darling. I really like the washcloth you did…I’ll have to check your project page as I like that pattern. I also love the scarf that has a loop to connect and of course the mermaid scarf is gorgeous. I think you’re doing well with all your stash. I also started a cozy memories project with my worsted acrylic which is something that can be worked on continually. Good luck and always love all your projects! Oh, the little pig basket is too sweet! Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 the ” flower coasters” are actually part of a valance . I have so many more to make and the “washcloth” is a granny square for a (maybe ) blanket 🙂


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