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Frogged It

I gave away the ending … opps,

Does anyone remember the Temperature Blanket I was working on last year ? Well I took it apart. I dont have a need for it . I’m just over it. If 2016 were a year something big happened in my life I would of finished it. But nothing happened.

I sorta regret making it in the first place. All that yarn …wasted. But dont worry I will find something wonderful to use this yarn with.

Here are the final pictures of the 2016 Temperature Blanket.


I know its pretty stupid of me to frog this at such a late point. (Picture shows Jan 1st – Oct 30th.The square for 10/31 was going to be added with the November squares).


colors I used : Bright Orchid, Lavender, Orchid, Delft Blue, Turqua, Pumpkin, Papaya, Peacock, Jade and Rouge. I used Lemon to connect them. Now I have a million balls of it and a million granny squares πŸ™‚

Purple Yarn Ball4_1

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4 thoughts on “Frogged It

  1. Actually, I admire when someone makes such a decision. Whether it feels painful or is a relief, it moves one past that feeling of inertia about what to do and how to feel about an unloved project. If you keep them you’ll find some fun projects to do with those pretty squares – and when you do, you’ll have half the work done already! πŸ™‚ P.S. I love that runaway ball of yarn graphic at the end of your post!


  2. I am sure, with your creative mind, you will find the perfect use for all those yarny bits. Sometimes, frogging is the best choice when a project doesn’t speak to you.


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