A Year of Projects

A Year of Projects week 1 Year 7 !!!!!!

Hello and Welcome to A year of Projects Year 7 ( didn’t I say that for year 6 ? lol) I’m Erin.. This is my blog 🙂  <—- I do that a lot here.  Please check out our awesome Ravelry group.  .

So a major part of my year 7 of a year of projects is to slim down my yarn stash . I have so many balls of yarn , its insane. Not all have been photographed or measured yet. I made a bundle of patterns on ravelry for all these balls of yarn , especially the worsted weight. But overthinking like I do, I just might make a 10 stitch blanket.


A big stash buster will be the Flower Power Valance .. I will be making 2. Here is one of many 🙂 The next photo is the beginning of the Echinopsis Cactus. I love crocheted plants. They dont die and are cat safe 🙂 🙂  my other WIP is a Endless Summer Tunic. Its so simple. I might add another color but for now its Aran ( red heart ).




Not being a big fan of pink I want to use up all the pink I have. Here are 2 projects that helped me with that. I used the same ball of sparkly pink for both projects. Unknown brand. Its the lighter pink for the piggy container and the darker pink for the granny square.


I love the v-cluster stitch for this Pumpkin Jar Cozy! I used a pickle jar . Yarn used is Carrot and light sage (?) from Red Heart. 🙂



Patterns I used: 

Flower Power Valance 

Echinopsis Cactus

Caroline’s Endless Summer tunic

Ami baskets- Piggy 

Pumpkin Jar Cozy




6 thoughts on “A Year of Projects week 1 Year 7 !!!!!!”

  1. Love your idea of slimming down your stash and hope you achieve all that this year. Love the banner, it’s so interesting to read. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your flower power valance.


  2. Erin, I look forward to seeing all that you create and share here over the next year. That Flower Power Valance is an amazing, fun-looking project. Can’t wait to see yours finished. I’m joining you in a “stash-down” this next YOP year. 🙂


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