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YOP6 Week 52

Goodbye year 6….

Before year 6 of A Year of Projects is gone for good, ( so depressing) I needed to get a few things finished.

The holiday flag that has been laying around since year 6 started is now done. I’ve been looking at it in my WIPS basket and couldn’t bring myself to finish it the way it was , so I ripped off the tree and voila’ … all done.. and perfect 🙂


I’m at a crossroad with the Gilmore Girls blanket. I had to finish Luke’s Diner. It would bug me if  I didn’t . I am not sure if I will make the other blocks though. I am pretty dedicated to the FRIENDS blanket.  We’ll see.


Another c2c panel that needed to be finished is Aurora. Lack of gold yarn stopped me from finishing this….when I got more it went to the Luke’s Diner panel then the  MagicKarp hats. She is now finished… On to Ariel 🙂



Does anyone remember the Emoji Blanket I was working on? I have 6 emojis done… and I was deciding on what the other 3 will be…. I made the Poo emoji this past week.


And I finished this moss and front post stitch pony tail hat.  ❤


WIPS for the week are this stockinette stitch shawl… it grew a little bit from last week.


And I started another shawl… its called Skewed . its a free pattern on ravelry.


for the last time…. my superhero YOP banner…..

yop 6 banner 4superhero signature ...


8 thoughts on “YOP6 Week 52

  1. Erin……………I love your C2C blocks. I have never tried to do colorwork in them and am in awe of people like you, that do it and make it look so easy! Your knitting has really taken off too. Both shawls look great and I really like how Skewed is made. I love the Asymmetrical shawls. Looking forward to seeing your list for next years YOP. Also………..thanks for all the graphics to use next year too. What program do you use to make them?


  2. The holiday project is so cute! I like how it’s very clear what’s what. I like crochet and how easy it is to hook up images or items. The Luke’s coffee cup is amazing. Wow, colorwork crochet!


  3. Your banner/flag snowman is just too cute! I also really like your round placemat/tablemat underneath it! You are so prolific in your crafting and make such darling items and now you’re knitting too! I love C2C but haven’t tried any panels but they look like fun. I also love y our hat and shawl patterns and the yarns you chose really show them off. i didn’t use your banner last year…..I must have already chosen one. Are you coming out with a new one for next week/year? So exciting to make plans and see what everyone has done….in your case……LOTS! Congrats on a great year and here’s to our next one! Hip Hip Hurray!


  4. Your holiday flag is adorable. And your squares are all so fun. I look forward to a new YOP year and seeing what you surprise and delight us with!


  5. Erin I love your C2C blocks they are brilliant and your flag is so cute! Love the shawls they are great and I can’t wait to see what your banner will be next year!


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