A Year of Projects, WIPS

YOP6 week 45

Hi… no one panic , I’m back. I didn’t fall of the face of the earth.  I’ve just been in a knitting/crocheting slump. So many projects so little time.

Okay, A year of projects. only 2 months left. I dont have much to show for year 6 .. its sad. I was going through my ravelry notebook and noticed all the hibernating projects. A few are pretty close to being done. So instead of starting new projects for the remaining 2 months,  I want to finish the ones I put away.

Here are a few pictures to refresh your memory:

I’ve also been watching a lot of knitting podcasts. Skein Game Podcast, Wool, Needles, Hands and YarnGasm ( all on YOUTUBE). I’ve noticed that basically all knitting podcasts are the same. “look what I made, look what someone gave me, giveaway!” Its their personality that keeps people coming back.

Last minute update…We saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday so I made a baby Groot ragdoll the night before… He’s so cute but I want to make one in a lighter brown. And use half double crochets instead of double crochets.


yop 6 banner 4


5 thoughts on “YOP6 week 45”

  1. I love the baby Groot. We haven’t seen the 2nd movie yet, but loved the first one. I fell in love with Groot right away. Hopefully you will complete all your WIPs in the next 2 months. Glad to see you back on the blogging too.

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  2. It was fun seeing a collage of your unfinished projects. Some I had forgotten about and some I’m not sure I had seen before. Even in your “slump” you strike me as a very prolific crafter, Erin. I just coast along, crafting whatever interests me. It’s all good, in my opinion. Two more months to go in this YOP year?!? I don’t know how that’s possible, but you’re right. Eeek!


  3. I’ll have to watch the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Baby Groot is cute. Yes, knitting podcasts pretty much have the same format. For me, I’ve watched some ppl and stopped and found others I like more. Fruity Knitting podcast is intellectual and features designers and hardcore knitters if you’re interested.


  4. The baby groot is cute even though I don’t do sci-fi or keep up with the movies but regardless…he/she is a cutie pie! I too have failed miserable at my YOP list this year but at least they haven’t kicked me out! LOL! I have stopped watching several of them….who can keep up with all of them? I prefer ones that have a variety of interests. You still manage to create a lot more items than I get done in a year! Congrats and pat yourself on the back!


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