A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 41


Happy Birthday to me! 29 feels great ..( with 8 years experience) lol.  If it wasn’t for my “wisdom highlights” I could totally pass for early 30s  🙂

Ok now to the reason you are here.. Stuff made with yarn 🙂

I amaze myself sometimes. This Magickarp hat is actually pretty cute. I am not a pokemon person but Jon is and he loves it. too bad its already spoken for. ( and he doesn’t wear hats so he cant keep it)


I also finished the lemon drop hat. I LOVE KNITTING!!!!!



And I finished the dragonflies blanket. I added Guava then cranberry and used the crab stitch with light raspberry as the boarder.



Now I will have time to knit some scarves for the Maine and New Hampshire’s Special Olympics 🙂

Speaking of knitting …..


yop 6 banner 4

13 thoughts on “YOP6 week 41

  1. Happy Birthday, Erin. Hope your day is fabulous. Love the magickarp hat. Imstarted the Dragonfly throw last week after seeing yours. I am loving how quickly it works up.


  2. Happy Birthday, Erin! That MagicCarp Hat is amazing. Such detail… And your Dragonfly blanket and knitted hat are great, too. I’ve ordered me some 16-inch circular needles with the intention of challenging myself to knit a hat. Maybe I’ll also be saying I love knitting soon, too. At the moment I can only say I don’t want to give up. 😉


  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Look at your beautiful works! The carp hat is darling and congrats on the knitting. Your dragon fly afghan is simply lovely and I hope this year is everything you make it to be! You are very accomplished!

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