A Year of Projects

YOP6 Week 39

I really hate missing a A year of projects post.  I missed week 36, 37 and 38 because I had an order for 2 knitted pink p*ssy hats with Harry Potter brim, another for a sock monkey hat, and 2 more pink kitty hats.


When I was done with them I was able to finish a second pair of the easy knitted fingerless gloves. I love how they came out. I might make another pair. I used Knit Picks Chroma in Sugar Cookie. I like that with these I can either wear the green side or the pink/purple? white side 🙂



With some help ($$)I will be making soaps again!! So I will be splitting my time between knitting/crocheting and soap making.  I made these bars a few nights ago. with limited materials and doing tie dye for the first time, I think they came out pretty good.


Also double knitting has made its way into my life. Its so f’in fun!!!! I made a cowl for my cat. She wouldn’t model it for me though.


yop 6 banner 4

6 thoughts on “YOP6 Week 39

  1. Those soaps look fabulous, I love all the colours. I was given a bath bombe making kit for mothers day that I am looking forward to using. Your hats, as always, look great.


  2. Sorry you are having trouble leaving comments. I am on blogspot and no problem on my end. Anyways I love your harry potter/pussy hat. And your tie-dye soaps are fantastic. Too bad your cat wouldn’t model for you. They can be like that…lol.


  3. Totally understand how some WIPs take priority over others. I really like how your soap came out. They are terrific. How does your cat like wearing its cowl?


  4. I am so glad to hear you are getting orders for items. That sure helps out the pocketbook. The cat cowl is great and I think your kitty was just camera shy. I am sure she loves it too. I really like that soap. How fun to have some color in it. Makes it so much more fun than just a plain bar of one color.


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