A Year of Projects

YOP6 Week 34

Day 5 with no computer. On Wednesday our computer wouldn’t turn on. Nothing my fiance did worked. So we ordered one from ibuypower. Now we have to wait a week or two for it to be made and shipped. So my tablet and Jon ‘s Playstation will get an extra workout. Poor things. Lol.

I havent  posted a year of projects post in a while. I’ve  been busy making those pink kitty hats.


I think 45 is enough. In between making these hats I knitted a few rows of the sunset hat I stared last month. It’s not perfect. The yarn I used was a bit annoying . But I do love how it turned out.

With this free after making all those orders I want to knit more, make some wildlife rescue nests and organize my little craft area.

yop 6 banner 4

11 thoughts on “YOP6 Week 34

  1. I love the sunset hat! And yes, I’d like to hear more about the rescue nests, too. Have you changed your blog, recently, Erin, or have just not been paying close enough attention. It’s really pretty. I love the colors and the format.

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  2. Do your hands get sore? That is a lot of handwork! I love your knitted hat with the color work…you are already beyond my skill level. The hat is gorgeous. BTW, I like doing laundry too…in fact, there is really nothing I mind doing as long as I am not rushed. Have a great week and I hope your computer woes are over soon!

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