A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 23

So how was your week? I had a few orders and I did some crocheting,knitting and baking.

First up, baking… This is just one of the pies I baked. thats all I did. I took it out of the box and put it in the oven 🙂  Its dutch apple pie. The other one I made is Apple. Above it is a candle I made ( I call it the microwave killer… because it killed the microwave when I was melting the crisco..lol)


While Jon plays Final Fantasy  15 I started  this Limerick Tree Cable scarf I bought for 2.99 on ravelry.


I finished the knitted hat I was making. I had to start over because I dropped so many stitches from my dpns ( double pointed needles) that I just had to start over. The brim is crocheted using front and back post stitches.


I also starting knitting another hat….. I think it may be a bit big so I may have to start this one over as well.  And I am not using a pattern. Maybe I should.


Well thats it for this week I need to finish a few Christmas gifts then I am taking a break… that will probably last less than 48 hours..lol

yop 6 banner 4



8 thoughts on “YOP 6 week 23”

  1. Yummy pie! Your hat is darling and darn good with no pattern! I couldn’t do that. The scarf is really going to be gorgeous….I faved it! I know what you mean about a break….I love handwork though so that won’t happen but something mindless so I can watch t.v…….yes, that’s in the picture!


  2. That Limerick Tree Cable Scarf looks so cool! I’ve never come across that pattern before. And now, I must say… you have me wanting pie. Mmmmm… fresh baked pie.


  3. Oooh, send a slice my way please, and a big dollop of ice-cream on the top would go down a treat right now. Love the scarf. Enjoy your break (however long it is) and come back refreshed.


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