A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 19

This was a good week! I made 2 hats that I adore. And an ornament hat..lol

I finished the Celtic Dream hat. I wanted to make the newsboy version but the source no longer exists. So I will have to wing it. But I absolutely LOVE it . I want to make another with a solid color.


Next up is a Red Heart CAL for November. Twist N Shout Slouchy hat. I loved making this. Mine isn’t a slouchy though. But it fits! Another may be in the works πŸ™‚ I will use a size I or J size hook instead of an H.

And I made anΒ Β ornament hat. I made a 9-12 mo size but it fits my teen/ adult mannequin head. Weird. Making more for my shop.


In other news , I will not be continuing with the mermaid tail afghan. I am not liking it too much. I did find another pattern though that I hope I will like more.

This week I will be dedicating my time to my 16 in 2016 list. ( making projects that use graphs ) I have 8 to do.

yop 6 banner 4



8 thoughts on “YOP 6 week 19”

  1. The ornament hat is cute. I want to make one next year for the preemie charity drive hosted by Knitting Daddy. The second beanie is terrific. I love how the stitches look so intricate. The first looks very warm.

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  2. I love how the Celtic Dream hat came out! And, I’m making the Twist ‘n Shout hat too! Hopefully, I’ll have mine done soon. And how cute is that ornament hat?!?


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