A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 22

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jon and I had our traditional Italian meal( Stuffed Shells) . Since I cooked and cleaned up it was just a regular Thursday to me 😦 3ea1e35f9f21c22374d34d3e7fd1cecf


Playin Hooky Designs had a pattern sale this weekend and I bought this Unforgettable Slouch for $1.80 🙂 I know I’ve said this before …. I love post stitches. I used Red Heart Unforgettable in Parrot but ran out at the brim. I wasn’t making a slouch just regular beanie. Now the search is on for Unforgettable in Parrot. I also started one in Red Heart with love , Waterlily. By the looks of that little ball I wont have enough of that either.


Yesterday I received my new hooks. I would  like you to meet Princess Mononoke and Wonder Woman ( I call her Gayle- the new Wonder Woman). Both are from Puka Pey.


my camera didn’t want to focus on the mask. grrr

If you follow me in Instagram (Sweeterin37).. you saw this already…


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A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 21

I’ve been knitting a hat.. just messing around. It might be too big so it may become a cowl. I didn’t count the cast on stitches . I just wanted to see if I could make a hat 🙂

I made some apple cinnamon bread…. omg sooo good. This is my first loaf made on Tuesday. this pic makes it look gross but it wasn’t. My second loaf made on Thursday, the bottom stuck to the pan…lol non stick pan my a**..lol still edible so we’re happy.

I finished the Special Olympics scarf.. red and white for Massachusetts. Sent it out on Friday.

I am also working on a 16in2016 project. its an owl. pattern from Divine Debris


My sweet fiance bought me an early( and probably my only ) Christmas gift. A samsung tablet 🙂 I love it. And now I can do live videos on my facebook fan page 🙂 And annoy my friends on my personal page with live sleeping cat videos…lol

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A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 20

Happy Week 20 ! 🙂

months September and October are done. This temperature blanket seems never ending.



And here is my WIP of the week 🙂 Half Granny Shawl 



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A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 19

This was a good week! I made 2 hats that I adore. And an ornament hat..lol

I finished the Celtic Dream hat. I wanted to make the newsboy version but the source no longer exists. So I will have to wing it. But I absolutely LOVE it . I want to make another with a solid color.


Next up is a Red Heart CAL for November. Twist N Shout Slouchy hat. I loved making this. Mine isn’t a slouchy though. But it fits! Another may be in the works 🙂 I will use a size I or J size hook instead of an H.

And I made an  ornament hat. I made a 9-12 mo size but it fits my teen/ adult mannequin head. Weird. Making more for my shop.


In other news , I will not be continuing with the mermaid tail afghan. I am not liking it too much. I did find another pattern though that I hope I will like more.

This week I will be dedicating my time to my 16 in 2016 list. ( making projects that use graphs ) I have 8 to do.

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