A Year of Projects · Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP6 week 15

Hello again and welcome to week 15.

I FINALLY finished the Year of the Monkey C2C block. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Aran and eggshell are the same color?!?!?! I went to Walmart yesterday and noticed a skein that looked a lot like the color I needed. I almost didn’t by it. I am glad I did though.


I made another cowl…. I Love this cowl. The stitch is called 3 step stitch. My work looks different from the video but I know I did it correct. Maybe its the loom.


I have to work on my bind offs. But I like it ๐Ÿ™‚


Something for my favorite season….. Falling Pumpkins Wall hanging.ย  ย I added the curls and my own leaf. How I did them are on my project page.


And my squares for August are made… September is next . Then sew them to the blanket.I cant believe there is only a few months left of this year.


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Tips and How To's

HOW TO: DIY hook / pencil grip

My new obsession.. I hope you like this tutorial.

I do not own a rainbow loom. I bought a fun loom a few years ago at Family Dollar hoping I could do the same things on it as on a rainbow loom… nope. The rainbow looms comes apart the fun loom does not. I haven’t touched it since I bought it, up until a few weeks ago.

So how can I make the hook/pencil grips?


I used a corner piece of a loom and weave kit.ย img_3708

You will need something to pull the rubber bands off the pegs with . I used a loom tool.

I used 24 bands of the 2 colors I wanted to use


4 bands are used for each row. So grab 4 and using the picture below , start your first row.

Place a band on peg 1 and twist it and place the loop on peg 2. With another band, place it on peg 2 on top of the band you just placed. Twist the band and put it on peg 3. ย with a third band , place on peg 3 , twist it and put the loop on peg 4. And lastly, with a 4th band, place it on peg 4, twist it and put the loop on peg 1 .


With a second color, place the rubber bands on the same order but with out twisting.


Pull off the bottom 2 loops over the top loops and the peg. Repeat.


After a few rows, it should look like this.


And eventually like this…..img_3715


With a hook or a pencil …..


place it in the middle….

Pull the bottom loops over the end. 2 for each side. Then push the piece down and repeat.

your grip is now free from the loom. Push it to where you want it to be.


Now you are done…… time to make more ๐Ÿ™‚


If you have any questions place comment below and I will get back to you ๐Ÿ™‚



A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 14

This post almost didn’t happen since I have nothing to show. But I dug deep and found a few things….

This was going to me a Mermaid tail blanket but I used the wrong size hook.. ooopps ๐Ÿ™‚


I ran out of RH Lavender so this poncho will have to wait… or I will make it in another color.


I am obsessed with making these grips. I didn’t make the tutorial last week . This week I will, I swear ๐Ÿ™‚ left to right….Save the Ta Tas , American Pride, Alien Nightmare, Minion and Black and Gold forever ( Boston Bruins)


And my new hobby.. Candle Making. This was made with Crisco..lol I added a few crayon pieces for the color and a sh*t ton of honey almond fragrance. ย The wick is a strand of cotton yarn.



Things I need to work on this week…

  • Finish the squares for my Temp blanket for Aug and Sept.
  • Work on Jon’s Shark blanket
  • Make Halloween stuff
  • learn to crochet with beads.

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