A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 18

So I caved. I said to myself I would not make a Mermaid Tail afghan … and looky I started one….

This is going to take a lot of yarn….. The colors I am using are RHSS Minty, Orchid and Turqua. Pattern by YARNutopia 

I am also working on the Celtic Dream earflap hat (but with out the earflaps. ) I am not to sure about this yarn though. The post stitches aren’t popping like I hoped they would. But I like it anyway.



I forgot to show my Frida’s Flowers blanket Table runner last week.. so here it is.


I made this with the hexagons I made for the blanket by I lost interest. ( not liking the colors I chose) . So the hexes were just laying around.  img_3772


yop 6 banner 4

6 thoughts on “YOP 6 week 18

  1. The mermaid tail does take a lot of yarn. It is a pretty easy crochet though. Love your table runner. Good idea you had to do that with the hexagons. Love the color of your hat. I see what you mean about the posts not popping though. It still is pretty though.


  2. Your first lines made me laugh. I’m resistant to making a Mermaid Tail too, but I do love to see the ones others make. Your colors look perfect! And ooooh! That Celtic Dream hat looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see yours finished and hear how you liked making it. For now I’m putting it on my list of hats to consider making, though. And yes – what a good idea for how to use the “Frida” hexigons you’ve made.


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