A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 17

I finally sent out the last of my  Halloween orders!! It feels great to not have to make the same hats over and over again. I love making them though.  It wasn’t a great season but my shop could use a bit of an update with the hats. I did get an order for a Pikachu hat 🙂


Its cute. I hope my customer liked it. 🙂


I received this from a customer today.. she is soooo cute!!! this is why I love making these hats… cute baby pics..:)

I was able to take a break last week and make a few things for Halloween for myself. The blood choker I made last year ,I just found it ..YAY. And I started a top hat skull scarf . I want to finish it by Thursday so I can where it when I go food shopping..lol

I also made one skull fingerless mitt

. I love Spider Mambos patterns.!!

I even made a little progress on the Special Olympics scarf . I frogged the first one and started over using the moss stitch. this scarf looks so much better. I only work on it when I walk. ( which reminds me, I need to make another post for my Walking Crocheter series..lol)


yop 6 banner 4