A Year of Projects

Yop6 week 16

I got nothing done. Only etsy orders πŸ™‚ And I have a bunch more to go.

I did start something new. Something that the Running Knitter inspired me to do. I already know I cant run and knit, I cant even walk and knit so this has nothing to do with knitting. I am actually calling myself a walking crocheter..lol I posted the first post about it the other day. Β Check it out if you want. I plan to add to this project today … yay another outing πŸ™‚


As a job well done I bought myself a sock loom.I was going to ask my MIL to get it for me for Christmas but I don’t think she would of found it. And I was there(Walmart) Β and it was under $15 and I ‘m impatient. So yup, I bought a Boye sock loom. I sorta played around with it when Jon was in Game Stop picking up his PlayStation VR. ( he traded in his Xbox ) He wanted that thing so bad. Its a bummer that the last time he played with it , it made him sick. It was the game he was playing. Β Me, I love it , didn’t think I would. I’ve used it more than Jon. No motion sickness. Yeah I’m tough..lol.


We even got his mom to put on the headset..lol we had her sit through VR worlds Shark attack and she made it half way through the Kitchen demo. Its a bit scary. Β I will not post that pic.. she would kill me!!

That is it for me.. Time for my walk and check out Β some local small businesses. Its the last day of HopArts .

yop 6 banner 4


6 thoughts on “Yop6 week 16”

  1. Let me know how you like your sock loom. I have one and have never been able to get the hang of it hence the reason I actually knit them on needles. I love the idea of walking and crocheting/knitting. I tried it once but didn’t have much success. I am glad you are able to do it. I think it would be easier to crochet than knit while walking for sure.


  2. I want to get my boys some kind of loom. They just learned to finger knit and I think they would like using a loom. Will have to check out what Walmart has. I live under a rock and didn’t know about HopArts till today and it was too late as we were in our way to a wedding.


  3. Wow, I’m impressed that you can walk and crochet. And the picture of the Playstation VR is great. I can sympathize with the thing making your fella sick. I get a tad woozie just watching those giant IMAX movies. And after one try I refuse to subject myself to a 3-D movie as they are definitely sick-making for me. I can’t imagine having the image right there in front of my eyes – though I will confess, I’m more than a little curious about it. I do think I’d give it a try at least one if I had the opportunity.


  4. Walking and knitting/crocheting…not for me. I know I would trip or get hit by a car! LOL! My on has a VR set and I tried it briefly but never got to spend much time with it. I think it is great and would be wonderful for people who are house bound or in nursing homes as they could literally travel the world! I want one! LOL!


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