A Year of Projects · Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP6 week 15

Hello again and welcome to week 15.

I FINALLY finished the Year of the Monkey C2C block. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Aran and eggshell are the same color?!?!?! I went to Walmart yesterday and noticed a skein that looked a lot like the color I needed. I almost didn’t by it. I am glad I did though.


I made another cowl…. I Love this cowl. The stitch is called 3 step stitch. My work looks different from the video but I know I did it correct. Maybe its the loom.


I have to work on my bind offs. But I like it šŸ™‚


Something for my favorite season….. Falling Pumpkins Wall hanging.Ā  Ā I added the curls and my own leaf. How I did them are on my project page.


And my squares for August are made… September is next . Then sew them to the blanket.I cant believe there is only a few months left of this year.


yop 6 banner 4


8 thoughts on “YOP6 week 15

  1. Hummmm, I also didn’t know Aran and eggshell matched. Glad it worked out. Your monkey is adorable. Nice cowl too. The falling pumpkin wall hanging is very clever. Its so nice it can stay up for a couple of months.


  2. I love your C2C creations…what a cutie that one is and the cowl is lovely. You know I’m a sucker for blankets so it is a monthly blanket and do the colors go with the temperature or no? What a great idea! You pumpkin hanging is precious…you are SO talented!


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