A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 18

So I caved. I said to myself I would not make a Mermaid Tail afghan … and looky I started one….

This is going to take a lot of yarn….. The colors I am using are RHSS Minty, Orchid and Turqua. Pattern by YARNutopia 

I am also working on the Celtic Dream earflap hat (but with out the earflaps. ) I am not to sure about this yarn though. The post stitches aren’t popping like I hoped they would. But I like it anyway.



I forgot to show my Frida’s Flowers blanket Table runner last week.. so here it is.


I made this with the hexagons I made for the blanket by I lost interest. ( not liking the colors I chose) . So the hexes were just laying around.  img_3772


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Crochet stuff

The Walking Crocheter part 2

The Walking Hooker sounds more fun 🙂

Sunday ( 10/16) was my second walk while crocheting. I decided to just double crochet instead of post stitches. I got more rows done that way and I plan to start over. I am not liking this yarn to much. Before the color change it has orange spotting on the white.

I enjoyed my walk . Looking up to look at the changing leaves. I love living in New England. Autumn is my favorite season.

Tuesday I brought my camera. I took a bunch of pictures .

A neighbor has chickens , roosters and ducks.

Look at that color ❤

I live in the same area that Billy Gilman grew up in so yes you read that sign right. ( i am not a fan though. And I do not watch the Voice.)


As I was waiting for my fiance to get out of work, the McDonald’s near by was calling my name. 😦 All I ordered were nuggets.



And here is the new and improved scarf. I went with the moss stitch. So much better than before.


A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 17

I finally sent out the last of my  Halloween orders!! It feels great to not have to make the same hats over and over again. I love making them though.  It wasn’t a great season but my shop could use a bit of an update with the hats. I did get an order for a Pikachu hat 🙂


Its cute. I hope my customer liked it. 🙂


I received this from a customer today.. she is soooo cute!!! this is why I love making these hats… cute baby pics..:)

I was able to take a break last week and make a few things for Halloween for myself. The blood choker I made last year ,I just found it ..YAY. And I started a top hat skull scarf . I want to finish it by Thursday so I can where it when I go food shopping..lol

I also made one skull fingerless mitt

. I love Spider Mambos patterns.!!

I even made a little progress on the Special Olympics scarf . I frogged the first one and started over using the moss stitch. this scarf looks so much better. I only work on it when I walk. ( which reminds me, I need to make another post for my Walking Crocheter series..lol)


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A Year of Projects

Yop6 week 16

I got nothing done. Only etsy orders 🙂 And I have a bunch more to go.

I did start something new. Something that the Running Knitter inspired me to do. I already know I cant run and knit, I cant even walk and knit so this has nothing to do with knitting. I am actually calling myself a walking crocheter..lol I posted the first post about it the other day.  Check it out if you want. I plan to add to this project today … yay another outing 🙂


As a job well done I bought myself a sock loom.I was going to ask my MIL to get it for me for Christmas but I don’t think she would of found it. And I was there(Walmart)  and it was under $15 and I ‘m impatient. So yup, I bought a Boye sock loom. I sorta played around with it when Jon was in Game Stop picking up his PlayStation VR. ( he traded in his Xbox ) He wanted that thing so bad. Its a bummer that the last time he played with it , it made him sick. It was the game he was playing.  Me, I love it , didn’t think I would. I’ve used it more than Jon. No motion sickness. Yeah I’m tough..lol.


We even got his mom to put on the headset..lol we had her sit through VR worlds Shark attack and she made it half way through the Kitchen demo. Its a bit scary.  I will not post that pic.. she would kill me!!

That is it for me.. Time for my walk and check out  some local small businesses. Its the last day of HopArts .

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Crochet stuff · Diet and Exercise

The Walking Crocheter

I have a plan to lose weight and crochet more…. because I dont crochet enough.. yeah right.

I plan to walk 2 miles every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.. weather permitting. My first project will be a scarf for the special Olympics.

I started yesterday (Thursday) . I have to say its a little weird walking while focusing on something in your hands. I almost ran in to a wall..lol

A few people asked what I was doing.. mainly cops . The first one was giving someone a ticket on the other side of the road when he noticed me.. He asked what I was doing in a curious tone . I said I am making a scarf for the special Olympics. He smiled and told me to pay attention to my surroundings.  ( today’s tip DONT SPEED)

The second one was pulling out of the gas station and asked me what I was doing, I told him . He told me his mother and sister knit and told me to be careful.

I had to stop when I reached the highway on and off ramps. I definitely need to pay attention around there.

My destinations was my fiances work.  which is 2 miles from our house. I was early so I sat in the car. I left our place at about 2:30 and according to the clock outside of the bank before I stopped it was 3:04. I got a good chunk done in that time.


I will keep you updated 🙂