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YOP6 week 13

Hi.. How is everyone?

Ive been a bit sad this week. Business is slllllooooooooow. Only a hand full of orders this week. I am a bit worried that I wont be able to use the money I make from the Halloween orders and take my cat to the vet. Nothing major, shes just fat and I want to work out a diet plan with the vet. garfield_fatBut its only the last week of September…. so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much . Its just not normal with the time of year and my shop.

Breathe 1..2..3..

I don’t have any updates about the shark blanket or the Princess vs Villains CAL .I know , how sad..lol

I made a Owl Pirate hat.. its almost done.


I also made a grip for my pencil… Its almost November … Time for NaNoWriMo !



I’m going to post a tutorial on how I made the grip sometime this week.. I did not use a rainbow loom. I have something like the rainbow loom but it sucks so I didn’t use it. I made my own!




And one last thing… Planned Pooling is EVIL!!!! Its been a week and nothing! ( besides what is below) Its pissing me off!! lol I gave up on one color.. Now I am trying with others.

It was working up so well. I plan to frog back a few rows and hope that it smartens up. 🙂


Breathe 1..2..3………….4…5…6..7……………….8..9…..10 !!!!!!!!


yop 6 banner 4





10 thoughts on “YOP6 week 13

  1. Hope things pick up in your shop. Great looking hat! Planned pooling, not something I’m familiar with. I like pooling on somethings, no clue it could be planned out.


  2. Hope things pick up for you, I have a fat cat and when I put her on a diet she just goes and gets a bird or two!!! I have never heard of planned pooling either.. Just love the pencil grip. keep breathing slowly!


  3. Oh Erin, I hope your shop picks up so kitty can get on the diet that is needed. I don’t think I would have the patience for planned pooling, so I admire you doing it.


  4. I hope things pick up in your shop. You could probably Google a healthy cat diet and save the vet money if she’s not really sick. Plus, aren’t you in control of her food? Just cut down on the amount. I know my vet said the canned is better as the dry has many more calories. Like children…if she gets hungry she will eat it….we create ‘fussy’ eaters whether animal or human! LOL!
    I am looking forward to seeing the pirate hat when finished and the ‘plaid” affect you created is amazing! How do you do that? I hope it comes together how you want it too. Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? I am reading right now and it is very inspirational and great for people who ‘create’ which is all of us in one way or another. Have a great week!


  5. Planned pooling is something I want to try – it seems daunting – yours looks great and it will be interesting to rip it back and see what went wrong. Keep us posted. You cat picture is so funny – my cat has the opposite problem – he is sooo skinny even though he seems to eat all the time. I guess if we put them together we will have two ‘normal’ cats. haha. Nanowrimo? Me too. I wrote a novel last November that I am on the second edit of, and I am thinking about another this November. I love the pencil grip and hope you do post the pattern – it looks intriguing.


  6. Nanowrimo – yep, mee too, and hope to make it work better this year (life got in the way on my last two years of Nanowrimo).
    Your Owl Pirate hat is intriguing me, I’m wondering how the owl or pirate is going to appear, so I’ll be watching out for progress on this hat next week.
    I have a fat cat too, we ‘inherited’ her when we bought this house, lol. She is looking better (and healthier) after just a couple of months on a reduced diet, but I’m missing a large goldfish from the garden pond, and she has been seen in close proximity to the pond on a number of occasions. I now shoo her away when I see her there.


  7. I like the look of color pooling. Not sure I’m ready to give it a try. It looks complicated. Yours is lovely. I like your pencil grip. I hope it helps you with your writing.


  8. Oooh, that pooling situation is disappointing. Up until that last bit it was so perfect looking. I’m with you… What Happened?!? Your hat is cool. And I look forward to seeing your pencil grip tutorial.


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