A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 13

Hi.. How is everyone?

Ive been a bit sad this week. Business is slllllooooooooow. Only a hand full of orders this week. I am a bit worried that I wont be able to use the money I make from the Halloween orders and take my cat to the vet. Nothing major, shes just fat and I want to work out a diet plan with the vet. garfield_fatBut its only the last week of September…. so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much . Its just not normal with the time of year and my shop.

Breathe 1..2..3..

I don’t have any updates about the shark blanket or the Princess vs Villains CAL .I know , how sad..lol

I made a Owl Pirate hat.. its almost done.


I also made a grip for my pencil… Its almost November … Time for NaNoWriMo !



I’m going to post a tutorial on how I made the grip sometime this week.. I did not use a rainbow loom. I have something like the rainbow loom but it sucks so I didn’t use it. I made my own!




And one last thing… Planned Pooling is EVIL!!!! Its been a week and nothing! ( besides what is below) Its pissing me off!! lol I gave up on one color.. Now I am trying with others.

It was working up so well. I plan to frog back a few rows and hope that it smartens up. 🙂


Breathe 1..2..3………….4…5…6..7……………….8..9…..10 !!!!!!!!


yop 6 banner 4