A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 12

I haven’t felt like crocheting this week although I do have a few Halloween orders to make . Other than that no crocheting . My looms needed some attention and with the new yarn ( I bought more on Tuesday) I wanted to make something. It is getting a little chilly here  (Finally ) so I may need this cowl soon. Its breezy and soft.

This skein is from the Deborah Norville Collection. This is Zinnia.


For you loomers, I made it with my yellow knifty knitter. the stitch is just a drop stitch with ewaps and purls.

This is the time where my YOP posts are put on hold due to Halloween orders, but I refuse to stop posting this time!! 🙂 I should make a schedule so I can get fun crocheting/knitting in with all the work crocheting 🙂  I say it but will I actually do it? lol 🙂

yop 6 banner 4


10 thoughts on “YOP 6 week 12

  1. Every day in my bullet journal, I have a section for “fun” things: knitting, reading, writing, coloring, spinning, making stitch markers, design work….

    Okay, some of them are pseudo-worky-type things but I try to accomplish at least one of those every day, just for my own sanity. I also schedule in time for blogging, which sounds kind of weird but I have two kids running around and if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done until the hour before my post would go live and then I can’t think….so, you know, pre-planning can work 🙂


  2. I’ve never seen that yarn line – Saturate. I like Deborah Norville’s other yarns. Gotta check this one out. Yay that you’re going to try to keep posting during your upcoming busy time of crocheting orders. I missed you last year during this time.


  3. I didn’t know you did weaving too…you are multi-talented! Such pretty colors in the yarn. I wish I had Halloween orders….how do you get started selling? I could use the money….to buy more yarn! LOL! Good luck, save time for yourself….every so often and then set a timer if you must to give yourself a 15 minute break to work on your projects. I take “breaks” when my legs get tired (I’m old..lol) and depending on what I’m working on I do 1 or 2 rounds or rows and then go back to work….a little progress is better than none. In the evening I have more time. Have a great week and I hope you get all your orders done on time! Happy Fall!


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