A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 11

This week I worked on a few projects….

I finished the Cruella c2c panel.I need to fix a few blocks. But overall I like her 🙂


I decided to work on Jon’s shark tail sack.img_3675

And a few other projects …

The purple strip is going to be a curtain for this “window ” behind our couch that separates the kitchen and the living room  . I hate this wall but we are renters so we cant rip it out. I will be making 3 strips. one for the top and 2 for the sides.

And the blue is going to be a cowl.. I just need to find some cute buttons.

And I went yarn shopping yesterday!! I love where my man works sometimes… its not a yarn shop . Its called Ocean state Job Lot .( hes a receiver, almost a manager)  Its like Big Lots.  They sell yarn and they finally have some worth buying.. this wont last long but its a good start.


Next weekend is the garlic festival in Mystic CT and we’re going… not for the garlic but just to look around and get some grilled cheeses at the Bleu Squid in the Mystic Village. Their food is sooooooo good.

yop 6 banner 4



12 thoughts on “Yop 6 week 11

  1. So, I’m having a hard time envisioning this: how big are the motif squares (Cruella, I think I remember Snow White/the witch from Snow White, and a few others). Are they the basic “granny square” size or are they bigger….I don’t crochet so I’m clueless with it sometimes.


  2. The Cruella square is great. I love how it turned out. I want to make one of those shark “cocoon” blankets for my one grandson who loves sharks. I need to get on that right away! Thanks for the reminder! Lucky you to get first dibs on the yarn….don’t worry….I am no where near CT! But watch out for Dianna! LOL!
    Can’t wait to see how the wall thingy comes out…you’re genius!


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