A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 13

Hi.. How is everyone?

Ive been a bit sad this week. Business is slllllooooooooow. Only a hand full of orders this week. I am a bit worried that I wont be able to use the money I make from the Halloween orders and take my cat to the vet. Nothing major, shes just fat and I want to work out a diet plan with the vet. garfield_fatBut its only the last week of September…. so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much . Its just not normal with the time of year and my shop.

Breathe 1..2..3..

I don’t have any updates about the shark blanket or the Princess vs Villains CAL .I know , how sad..lol

I made a Owl Pirate hat.. its almost done.


I also made a grip for my pencil… Its almost November … Time for NaNoWriMo !



I’m going to post a tutorial on how I made the grip sometime this week.. I did not use a rainbow loom. I have something like the rainbow loom but it sucks so I didn’t use it. I made my own!




And one last thing… Planned Pooling is EVIL!!!! Its been a week and nothing! ( besides what is below) Its pissing me off!! lol I gave up on one color.. Now I am trying with others.

It was working up so well. I plan to frog back a few rows and hope that it smartens up. 🙂


Breathe 1..2..3………….4…5…6..7……………….8..9…..10 !!!!!!!!


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Crochet stuff · WIPS

WIP Wednesday

Planned Pooling.. Have you heard about it?

If you are a crocheter you probably have. I spend too much time on facebook..lol If I wasn’t on fb at the time I was I would never have saw the post by the Crochet Crowd. ( click the link for more info… on their website)

I have a few skeins and balls of variegated yarn I want to pool. Pooling is all about the magic number. How many chains ( and hook size ) will work up nicely  so that you get a tartan or harlequin effect. Its not an easy thing to do. 😦

I have this ball of red heart yarn . It doesn’t want to cooperate! the left side I chained 28 with an I hook  and the right I chained 24 with an I hook. I think I am close.



I am in 2 groups on facebook about planned pooling. Just search for “pooling” and you will see one of them.





A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 12

I haven’t felt like crocheting this week although I do have a few Halloween orders to make . Other than that no crocheting . My looms needed some attention and with the new yarn ( I bought more on Tuesday) I wanted to make something. It is getting a little chilly here  (Finally ) so I may need this cowl soon. Its breezy and soft.

This skein is from the Deborah Norville Collection. This is Zinnia.


For you loomers, I made it with my yellow knifty knitter. the stitch is just a drop stitch with ewaps and purls.

This is the time where my YOP posts are put on hold due to Halloween orders, but I refuse to stop posting this time!! 🙂 I should make a schedule so I can get fun crocheting/knitting in with all the work crocheting 🙂  I say it but will I actually do it? lol 🙂

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Loom Love · WIPS

WIP Wednesday

I am looming again. Its fast and easy. oh and fun!

I bought more yarn. This is called Premier Yarns Saturate in the color Zinnia. Its from the Deborah Norville Collection.

I love this yarn!! This is the third skein I’ve bought in the past week. Different color though. Although this yarn did have a few knots in the beginning I was able to get around them. I pray there are no more.

I wanted to knit something so I chose to make a drop stitch cowl. No pattern. Just a few rows of  garter stitch and then the drop stitch and some purls and e wraps and more drop stitches. I only have 3 rows of the  dropped stitches and I want to make at least 6. I hope I have enough yarn.


This is about half a ball ( 92 yards in all)



( Who knew that the host of Inside Edition would put her name on such awesome yarn 🙂 )

The loom I am using is the large knifty knitter round loom. color ( duh) is yellow. 🙂


A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 11

This week I worked on a few projects….

I finished the Cruella c2c panel.I need to fix a few blocks. But overall I like her 🙂


I decided to work on Jon’s shark tail sack.img_3675

And a few other projects …

The purple strip is going to be a curtain for this “window ” behind our couch that separates the kitchen and the living room  . I hate this wall but we are renters so we cant rip it out. I will be making 3 strips. one for the top and 2 for the sides.

And the blue is going to be a cowl.. I just need to find some cute buttons.

And I went yarn shopping yesterday!! I love where my man works sometimes… its not a yarn shop . Its called Ocean state Job Lot .( hes a receiver, almost a manager)  Its like Big Lots.  They sell yarn and they finally have some worth buying.. this wont last long but its a good start.


Next weekend is the garlic festival in Mystic CT and we’re going… not for the garlic but just to look around and get some grilled cheeses at the Bleu Squid in the Mystic Village. Their food is sooooooo good.

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