A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 8

Here we are at week 8. A few months away from Halloween but I am already getting ready for Halloween orders. This is the only time of the year where I HAVE to crochet. People need their halloween hats. I procrastinated too much about adding new stuff to my shop and now it is too late.

I don’t want to fall too far behind in the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL. I’m only on block 2.. the Evil Queen. I am 2 princesses and a villain behind … according to the blanket I want.


I really want to make the Walking Dead c2c blanket for my man since he LOVES the show. But all the blankets I’ve seen so far look massive! Jon still wants his shark blanket so maybe I will make that for him first. I still haven’t forgiven him for ruining the Mario blanket I made a few years ago by rolling over it Β too many times with his computer chair. He likes to be wrapped up when he is gaming…lol

This loom holds the cuff of a pair of socks I am making. I hate socks so maybe these will be a Christmas present to someone.



yop 6 banner 4


9 thoughts on “YOP6 week 8”

  1. Erin…..I can not believe your man ruined the Mario blanket. I remember all the love and time you put into it. Nice little loom there for socks. I bet there is a shelter for abused women in your area that would love some socks. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. The busiest time of year for a crafter.


  2. Lovely to see some of your progress πŸ™‚ I have some of that yarn or something very similar and was thinking what on earth could I make with it but yes maybe a pair of socks xx


  3. Wow; thinking about Halloween already? Although I don’t blame you as the stores are forever selling the merchandise earlier and earlier each year. Man, you are hardcore to hook intarsia. What a neat block that will be.


  4. That C2C looks awesome! There’s a shark pattern? My grandson loves sharks. Yes, Halloween is the next big thing! I love it and have to make some “spooky” stuff for the grands and me too! Where did you get your patterns for the C2C’s? That one is going to be gorgeous and I love the colors. Enjoy!


  5. Screeeeeeeeeeetch! Wait, did you say Halloween? I’m not ready for that yet! I love your c2c blanket you are doing. It sounds fantastic. I have never done a graphed one.


  6. I had to go back to find the Mario Blanket – I see it was finished before I started Yopping. That was such a wonderful blanket. :^( On a happier note – I LOVE the colors in the Evil Queen block you’re working on. πŸ™‚


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