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Books, How I Love Thee

I love books.

My favorites recently are autobiographies. Ive read about Cher , Nick Carter, Rue Mcclanahan, Christopher Reeves, Princess Diana,  Michael J Fox, Betty White, Tori Spelling ( all her books) , Ellen Degeneres,Anne Frank,  Neil Patrick Harris …and more that I am forgetting I am sure.

love-books-1Recently I’ve read Betty White’s If You Ask Me ( And Of Course You Won’t ), Neil Patrick Harris ( his was a fun book) Amy Poehler and Tina Feys books I couldn’t get into  for some reason , though I love them both. Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie on Little House on the Prairie wrote a book but in the first few chapters she wrote about something that happened to her when she was little that made my stomach turn and I just couldn’t continue. Most of her book is about her acting career but I just couldn’t get past her past. I am sure I will go back to it and skip the first 5 chapters but right now I want to read about other people.

I love getting to know people. Either in books or through the internet. I am such a shy person . I hate it.  I am not a talker. I’ve always said I am more quiet than shy. I love going out. Being around people doesn’t bother me. Talking to them scares me.  Facebook and other social media sites keep me in touch with old friends and family. Even if we don’t chat on a daily basis , or weekly, seeing what they are up to  in my newsfeed keeps me happy  .

You could also say I am I have to know everything..well just about. 🙂


I just finished Michael J. Fox’s second book, Always looking Up. It covers his retirement from Spin City, How his Michael j. Fox Foundation was formed, his Parkinsons, his  wife and kids, and Politics. This man amazes me. Since I was a little kid watching Family Ties I ve had such a crush on him.  I just want to give him a big hug 🙂

Other books(people) I want to read about are Melissa Joan Heart- Melissa Explains it all, Diane Keaton( at my local library), Nick Cater’s second book,  and Michelle Obama.

Do you have any suggestions??