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My Ravellenic Games Schedule

The games start on Friday August 5th. Cast on starts when the Olympics in Rio begin. Well we can all enjoy the Opening Ceremony then cast on 🙂

Like I’ve said in a previous post my goal is to make at least 3 projects. But I have 6 project pages queued up. My looms are set up . My yarn is ready and the patterns are downloaded onto my kindle or the pattern page is  bookmarked.

Friday through Sunday I will be working on the Loom kit Ridges Cowl.

Monday I will take  a break.

Tuesday through Friday I will be working on the Falling Leaves Cowl. That cowl looks like it will take more time to finish and since I haven’t loomed in a while I am a little rusty. And probably in between the cowls I will be looming up some socks. Jon needs a new pair for the winter so I thought I would make him a pair of Kabel-Wijn Sock Boot.

And for the last week I hope to have time for the Fairies have Boots cowl .



2 thoughts on “My Ravellenic Games Schedule

  1. This is going to be so much fun!!! I only have two things planned and hope I can get them both done, just a busy time,but they are both baby size so should be able to get them done. My boys are so excited for the Olympics which is really fun. They start gymnastics next month, so they are so excited to see all the gymnastic event. Fun time!!!!


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