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WIP Wednesday

I am still working on the Princess vs Villains  c2c CAL. This week I am working on Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty) and Cruella Deville . She isn’t part of Two Hearts Crochet CAL , someone from the facebook group used fiddle stitch to make up the graph.. along with many others.



Since its the last week of the August, I need to make the squares for the month for my Temperature Blanket .

Rouge and Papaya are below. Many more to go.





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Stash Acquisition Saturday on a Tuesday

Since I am unable to post on Saturdays because of my man’s day off ( and wordpress won’t let me add pictures to a post) I am posting a Stash post on a Tuesday.  🙂

Sunday I went to Walmart. All I needed was yarn!!

I walked out with buyer’s remorse  .


The finger guides I will NEVER use. But at the time I thought they were cool. ( and thought they were under $3 not $5– getting returned) and Someday I will learn to look at the top number not the bottom when buying needles. I bought the wrong size AGAIN! ( getting returned ). BUT I will use the point protectors . I will use them when using my dpns (double pointed needles). I need another set though.


Although I am not happy with a few items I picked up, I bought yarn 🙂 Yarn makes me happy. And its yarn I needed.




A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 9

I put my mind to it and I finished 4 things!! 🙂 Yay me! lol

Evil Queen c2c done!

The C2C squares are part of the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL at Two Hearts Crochet.


Something new in my shop. Dino booties! Matching hat(s) coming soon.

dino booties 9-12 mo

Frankenstein Headband complete! I love this . I love the post stitches. Cute little Frankie.


I am amazed at myself for finishing Cinderella so soon. I started her on Thursday , right after I finished the Evil Queen. And she was done yesterday. Besides all the ends on the back. 🙂


I started the Sleeping Beauty c2c square last night but I want to take a break from crocheting today because my wrist hurt last night so I don’t want to make it worse by over crocheting.

Back to my book…. David Spade’s memoir …lol

yop 6 banner 4

Crochet stuff

Finished Friday

I have some finished projects…. wanna check them out? 🙂


The Evil Queen c2c is done. I was a bit worried that the background color ( Jade) wouldn’t look good but It looks awesome ! snow white can be found here . Cinderella is next.

The C2C squares are part of the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL at Two Hearts Crochet.

dino booties 9-12 mo

I don’t really like making booties but I needed new items in my shop and there are just too darn cute.  The Dino baby booties pattern  can be found here .


And we can forget about this little gem 🙂 Pattern is called Boy bands and this is one of the variations . Pattern can be found here

And that is it for this week 🙂

signature tulip

A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 8

Here we are at week 8. A few months away from Halloween but I am already getting ready for Halloween orders. This is the only time of the year where I HAVE to crochet. People need their halloween hats. I procrastinated too much about adding new stuff to my shop and now it is too late.

I don’t want to fall too far behind in the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL. I’m only on block 2.. the Evil Queen. I am 2 princesses and a villain behind … according to the blanket I want.


I really want to make the Walking Dead c2c blanket for my man since he LOVES the show. But all the blankets I’ve seen so far look massive! Jon still wants his shark blanket so maybe I will make that for him first. I still haven’t forgiven him for ruining the Mario blanket I made a few years ago by rolling over it  too many times with his computer chair. He likes to be wrapped up when he is gaming…lol

This loom holds the cuff of a pair of socks I am making. I hate socks so maybe these will be a Christmas present to someone.



yop 6 banner 4