A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 5


So I’ve had crochet burnout. I’ve frogged a few projects. The reindeer stocking cap and reindeer scarf. They weren’t my style. Hella cute , just not my style.

I do plan to finish this flag…

With the Ravellenic Games starting in a few days I will be finishing up the holiday flag. I  won’t be crocheting anything until the games are over. I joined a loom knitting team. the same one I joined in 2012. My goal is to finish at least 3 projects.

I am now in love with my dpns( double pointed needles ) . The hat I want to make uses them so I thought I would get myself familiar with using them. Using them is easier than I thought. I am waiting for an order with my 16 inch circular Boye needles size 8. So this hat I want to make so badly will have to wait longer. 😦

yop 6 banner 4



9 thoughts on “YOP6 week 5

  1. Crochet burnout! – I’m not surprised looking at all your projects. Love that Santa, reindeer, tree. Yes it’s very cute, just need a party or two to wear it to. I have yet to master the art of using dpn’s. I tried once but it was a disaster that ended up frogged.


  2. So sorry you had to frog all those projects, but if they are not speaking to you, then you have to do it. I am happy you tried DPN’s and liked them. A lot of folks are so afraid of them. They can be a bit fiddly at times but I like them too.


  3. Bummer that you had to frog all those projects but if you didn’t like them, no point in carrying on and finishing them for the sake of them. I love DPN’s they are my favourite method for knitting in the round and I know many do like magic loop but I just love DPNs and don’t find them fiddly at all. Looking forward to seeing your Ravellenics items.


  4. I’m getting used to the dpn’s too. I just ordered some more sizes. I also enjoy loom knitting sometimes. I didn’t think I would but there is something therapeutic about it. I know you’ll have fun.


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