A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 5


So I’ve had crochet burnout. I’ve frogged a few projects. The reindeer stocking cap and reindeer scarf. They weren’t my style. Hella cute , just not my style.

I do plan to finish this flag…

With the Ravellenic Games starting in a few days I will be finishing up the holiday flag. I  won’t be crocheting anything until the games are over. I joined a loom knitting team. the same one I joined in 2012. My goal is to finish at least 3 projects.

I am now in love with my dpns( double pointed needles ) . The hat I want to make uses them so I thought I would get myself familiar with using them. Using them is easier than I thought. I am waiting for an order with my 16 inch circular Boye needles size 8. So this hat I want to make so badly will have to wait longer. 😦

yop 6 banner 4