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Crochet burnout

I look at my patterns, all lovely. I look at my yarn, wonderful. But when I sit down with a pattern and yarn , I just don’t want to do anything. I don’t crochet all that much. I look at my projects and think what a waste of yarn.

The projects I am doing for A Year of Projects , my theme is Christmas in July for this month, And I just don’t want to finish. I don’t wear silly hats and I don’t know anyone who will wear the reindeer stocking cap. If I put it up for sale in my etsy shop it will just sit there and the made item will collect dust. If I offer it in multiple sizes ,the made hat won’t be the one that I sell .. its happened.

yarn from Reindeer scarf.

Did I ever tell you I don’t like scarves? Well I dont 😦 I dont wear them .The Reindeer scarf is so adorable.. but not my style. If I need to walk to the store in the winter I wear a thin cowl with my hoodie. Walking 2 miles can get a bit warm. I look at the scarf and think ” this will be cute but a waste of yarn”.

The Holiday flag will be finished. It is something I WILL use. I took apart a Christmas stocking I made a few years ago that never sold in my etsy shop so I can use the green yarn to make the tree for the other side of the flag.IMG_3603

I love to crochet but I love it even more when it’s for a purpose. Like if my fiance likes something I will make it for him. ( the Mario blanket, the fire flower, One Punch man. – soon to be completed). Or for Halloween orders.

Jon said if I don’t like crocheting anymore , then don’t do it. This is after I threw my knitting needles on the floor…lol Someday he will get it I crochet to remember my mom. Since she is the one who taught me.

If you are reading this and are part of the A year of Projects group on ravelry.. forget I said anything about πŸ™‚ I will still be making items from my purchased patterns list , I just won’t be lumping them together and will be making projects that are needed/wanted. ie., hats for chemo patients ( and before you ask πŸ™‚ .. the reindeer stocking cap will be too scratchy for Β their heads). Β  Β `

That is all for now. Time to rethink my projects πŸ™‚