A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 2

Welcome to week 2. I love how many people are joining the A Year of Projects group over on ravelry. The count for week 1 was about 20 people posting their blogs. this number will decrease over the next few months. It always does. People get excited about something new and then life happens.

Newbies, don’t let life happen…lol  You must eat, sleep and breathe a Year of Projects for the next 51 weeks…lol Just kidding.

I didn’t play with my hooks much this week 😦

Below is the Reindeer scarf . It sorta goes with the reindeer stocking cap from last week. I am loving this scarf because of the new- to me – stitches ( all the brown panels) .


This pic is the Snowman stocking cap i made last year that I plan to finish this month and make the matching Snowman scarf. ( all patterns by Snappy ToTs)


Here are a few of the antlers and ears for the Reindeer cap. IMG_3576.JPG

I am not happy how these earrings came out. The original project is Christmas light Garland  . I thought earrings would be cute but these are too big. I think I will use a F or E hook instead of a G for my next pair.


And this is the absolute last time I will mention this infinity scarf. check out the FO here .

yop 6 banner 4