Knitting Adventures

Knitting and a fortune

Yes I am STILL knitting the same scarf I started last week. I added a few rows of another color and I think it looks so much better.


Last night I knitted for 2.5 hours, while watching Netflix.  The longest I’ve knitted. That long strip after the second purple is what I knitted. And I still have a decent size ball of yarn left.

I just want to be done so I can move on.

close up

My fiance and I got chinese food yesterday at a place called Bali Village. They are so good! Well all I eat is the crab rangoon and chicken fingers.

Most of the time the fortune cookies are gibberish.But this one , with what has been going on lately with me, makes sense.  “A peaceful mind generates power” . Without going into much detail.. my fiance’s mother and I don’t always get along. I hate fighting. with anyone. I am a peaceful person. Well before I moved in with Jon and his mom 4 years ago. She annoys me at times. I believe this fortune is telling me to stay calm and I will have the power to change our lives ( Jon and I) .Love not


Maybe I should just knit more 🙂


2 thoughts on “Knitting and a fortune”

  1. It’s looking great!!! Any idea what you are going to knit next. Have you hit the Chinese buffet in Westerly? Has a Habachi grill, fresh made to order sushi and all the other things you would find on a Chinese buffet.
    Inlaws can be tough. I work with my mil. Not always easy. Hang in there!!!!!!


  2. Scarves take forever to knit. The stripes in yours is great and adds just that bit of interest it needed. Now you know why mist of us have more than one project on the needles.

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