Knitting Adventures

Knitting and a fortune

Yes I am STILL knitting the same scarf I started last week. I added a few rows of another color and I think it looks so much better.


Last night I knitted for 2.5 hours, while watching Netflix.  The longest I’ve knitted. That long strip after the second purple is what I knitted. And I still have a decent size ball of yarn left.

I just want to be done so I can move on.

close up

My fiance and I got chinese food yesterday at a place called Bali Village. They are so good! Well all I eat is the crab rangoon and chicken fingers.

Most of the time the fortune cookies are gibberish.But this one , with what has been going on lately with me, makes sense.  “A peaceful mind generates power” . Without going into much detail.. my fiance’s mother and I don’t always get along. I hate fighting. with anyone. I am a peaceful person. Well before I moved in with Jon and his mom 4 years ago. She annoys me at times. I believe this fortune is telling me to stay calm and I will have the power to change our lives ( Jon and I) .Love not


Maybe I should just knit more 🙂