Knitting Adventures

What shall I Knit?

Now that I learned how to knit and am obsessed with it what shall my first project be? On my only pair of needles now is a scarf or maybe a headband. It depends on long this ball of yarn, that I didn’t measure yardage for, will last. It may also be a cowl. I have some cute buttons I could use . But then I would have to learn how to knit buttonholes. I don’t think I am ready for that.

I like purling.

I mean REALLY like it. hehe πŸ™‚

here is my project…. I am a slow knitter. My project is able to reach around my neck but I still have yarn left so I will continue.



Purple Yarn Ball4_1signature tulip




2 thoughts on “What shall I Knit?”

  1. Purling I find enjoyable too. My queue has a lot of “beginner” patterns. And I saw you joined the knit group. Check there pages. All the KAL are there and some really good ones, always open.


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