A Year of Projects

Yop6 week 1

Thats right people .. we are at the beginning of another year of A Year of Projects. Welcome to year 6! I’m Erin if you don’t already know. I am obsessed with  crocheting and now I can add knitting to my obsession. I learned how last weekend. That was part of my year 5 . I just forgot to mention it in my week 52 post 🙂

I don’t really have a list. I have  monthly themes that I hope I will get some use out of . Like I’ve said in previous posts , I have bought a lot of patterns, and I don’t want that money to go to waste. I will be making projects that I will wear , use myself or my fiance  or sell in my etsy shop ( if pattern designer allows )

This month’s theme is Christmas in July ( creative, I know..lol )

July just started a few days ago and I was able to whip up this stocking cap. I just need to make the reindeer faces.



If you want to check out last years list , just hover over the Year of Projects tab and choose year 5. Year 6 is is where my finished projects will go.

It’s gonna be a long year 🙂

If you crochet or knit check out A Year of Projects on Ravelry.