A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 5


So I’ve had crochet burnout. I’ve frogged a few projects. The reindeer stocking cap and reindeer scarf. They weren’t my style. Hella cute , just not my style.

I do plan to finish this flag…

With the Ravellenic Games starting in a few days I will be finishing up the holiday flag. I  won’t be crocheting anything until the games are over. I joined a loom knitting team. the same one I joined in 2012. My goal is to finish at least 3 projects.

I am now in love with my dpns( double pointed needles ) . The hat I want to make uses them so I thought I would get myself familiar with using them. Using them is easier than I thought. I am waiting for an order with my 16 inch circular Boye needles size 8. So this hat I want to make so badly will have to wait longer. 😦

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Loom Love

Knitting WITHOUT Needles

Yes it can be done 🙂

My love obsession with yarn started with looming. My first “loom” was made with a TP tube and popsicle sticks. I learned this awesome craft from Cynthia Gagen . Its called French Knitting .

My first projects was a really long I-Cord. It was like 7 feet long 🙂 I just loved e-wrapping.


Anyway , with the Ravellenic Games coming up( Rio Baby!!) I thought I would join a looming team. The first team I joined in 2012 actually. Team Loominescent.I finished a lot of projects in 2012. I have 4 queued up as of right now. Maybe I will add one more ( like I need more projects) .

I haven’t played with my looms in a little while so I am a little rusty and my looms are a bit dusty 🙂

My goal is to finish least 3 projects. Ballerina baby socks., Loom knit Ridges Cowl, and Growing Leaves Cowl.  If I have time, Loom Knitted braid headband.

Wish me luck.

See you in Rio!!!




Crochet stuff · Sharing my life

Crochet burnout

I look at my patterns, all lovely. I look at my yarn, wonderful. But when I sit down with a pattern and yarn , I just don’t want to do anything. I don’t crochet all that much. I look at my projects and think what a waste of yarn.

The projects I am doing for A Year of Projects , my theme is Christmas in July for this month, And I just don’t want to finish. I don’t wear silly hats and I don’t know anyone who will wear the reindeer stocking cap. If I put it up for sale in my etsy shop it will just sit there and the made item will collect dust. If I offer it in multiple sizes ,the made hat won’t be the one that I sell .. its happened.

yarn from Reindeer scarf.

Did I ever tell you I don’t like scarves? Well I dont 😦 I dont wear them .The Reindeer scarf is so adorable.. but not my style. If I need to walk to the store in the winter I wear a thin cowl with my hoodie. Walking 2 miles can get a bit warm. I look at the scarf and think ” this will be cute but a waste of yarn”.

The Holiday flag will be finished. It is something I WILL use. I took apart a Christmas stocking I made a few years ago that never sold in my etsy shop so I can use the green yarn to make the tree for the other side of the flag.IMG_3603

I love to crochet but I love it even more when it’s for a purpose. Like if my fiance likes something I will make it for him. ( the Mario blanket, the fire flower, One Punch man. – soon to be completed). Or for Halloween orders.

Jon said if I don’t like crocheting anymore , then don’t do it. This is after I threw my knitting needles on the floor…lol Someday he will get it right..lol I crochet to remember my mom. Since she is the one who taught me.

If you are reading this and are part of the A year of Projects group on ravelry.. forget I said anything about themes..lol 🙂 I will still be making items from my purchased patterns list , I just won’t be lumping them together and will be making projects that are needed/wanted. ie., hats for chemo patients ( and before you ask 🙂 .. the reindeer stocking cap will be too scratchy for  their heads).    `

That is all for now. Time to rethink my projects 🙂


Crochet stuff · Tips and How To's

Bottle cap ring ornaments

It’s July so it’s time to make a boat load of ornaments for the Christmas tree. 🙂

What you need….

Yarn colors of choice.

Depending on which ornament you choose to make you will need either a F , G or I size crochet hook.

Bottle cap rings of different sizes. I have milk , soda , water and gatorade rings. you can also use key rings.

Embellishments: buttons , foam, felt




For all the variations you will need to single crochet ( sc) the ring first.

If you don’t know how to crochet here is a quick lesson…Put your hook ( for the project below you will need an F size hook) through the bottle ring,  Place yarn over hook. The yarn attached to the ball /skein is your working yarn. Pull hook through ring , yarn over and pull through loop on hook. Repeat until you reach the first stitch. ( for this project 20 single crochets are needed) slip stitch ( slst) to the first stitch.( insert hook into the first stitch made and pull through. Don’t yarn over, just pull your hook through the loop on your hook.) Cut yarn, leaving few inches, pull yarn and weave in.

Todays project is an easy one…

It’s a simple wreath. I made these as part of a ornament swap.

I used a milk ring for the large wreath and a soda bottle ring fort the small one, 2 buttons( but you can add as many as you want) and 2 shades of green yarn ( Red Heart super saver – paddy green and spring green.)





You will need to single crochet (sc) all the way around the ring as I mentioned above.

With a tapestry needle weave in the ends. With another color yarn, attach to the back if the wreath under a few loops. Either sew or super glue button (s) to front .


Bonus project:IMG_3586

Like the wreath, sc around the ring. slip stitch to the first stitch. Cut yarn, weave in ends. With grey, (wrong way facing you ) chain 2 to any sc. sc in same stitch and next 2 stitches. turn and chain 25 .sc in same stitch and in next 2 stitches. cut yarn and weave in ends.



More projects will be posted throughout the week.

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A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 4

Good Lord its week 4 already.

What did I do this past week?

Not a whole lot.

For my holiday flag I made the little features.

I made some ornaments for an ornament swap… I made a scarf for the snowman after the picture was taken.


I went to Jo-Ann’s yesterday and bought some yarn I needed for my Temperature Blanket. Its been a Rouge month 🙂 And I got some dpns and a pair of circular needles for another project I am not sharing until I am done 🙂


I also finished The Fault in Our Stars this week. LOVED IT. it’s a Teen book but I didn’t care. I picked up the movie from the library on Friday. I may watch it today while I crochet,knit or loom something.

That’s my week. How was yours?

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