Knitting Adventures

The Answer is : To Knit!

A few months ago I wrote a post about whether I should learn to knit. ( read it here : To Knit or Not To Knit) Well over the weekend, I did! Casting on was a piece of cake. After watching a few beginner videos, I found that Knitting for Dummies was the easiest for me to follow.  My first swatch is the garter stitch. I have to work on my tension when transferring the piece from left to right. Its a tight squeeze when I stick the right hand needle through the stitch on the left hand needle. If you are not a knitter, I apologize for the

So far I love knitting. SO FAR! 🙂  Its like when I re-learned to crochet as an adult , it takes practice and patience.

Now I get to enjoy looking for knitting patterns . 🙂 I have a few saved on ravelry for possible loom knitting projects. But now I can use them for needle knitting.


I want to say take you to Knitting for Dummies for the video for casting on,  how to knit a garter stitch , and how to bind off 

And Thank you to purllinknitting for the video on purl stitch .