A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 51

Well I am ready for year 6. My non list of projects is ready. I have a few things I need to complete on my current list this week.

I finished 3 more amigurumis. 3 more to make . 12 was my goal. ( actually it was 24 but that was changed months ago..lol)


I made another bag. I saw this granny square mermaid tail bag a few days ago and had to make myself one! I love mermaids! Ā I will be making more. I love this pattern!!! The squares made are from a square swap.

mermaid bag

I started the Monkey C2C over with a different background color. Eggshell instead of buff. But I am running out of eggshell. I am at the decrease side so I hope I will have enough to finish the panel.


Here’s a few garden pics… come on Lilies, grow! šŸ™‚


Oh and I finished the Lily Pond Blanket!!!! More pictures are hereĀ .


0ac31-yop2bbannersignature tulip

7 thoughts on “YOP5 week 51

  1. Love the amigurumi, very cute. I really love the Lily pond blanket and hope you have enough for the eggshell to finish off the monkey blanket.


  2. The lily pond is breathtaking. The colors really speak to me. Your amigurumis are so cute. They make me smile. Your talent with crochet is amazing. I have been crocheting for over 40 years and am not anywhere as proficient as you are.


  3. You are so creative. I,m not sure what “go gray in May” means but I am gray every month! LOL! Your Lily Pond is absolutely beautiful and you did a fantastic job on it! Your amigurumis are so cute and I can’t wait to see the C2C Monkey blanket….it’s going to be darling!


  4. Such fun and beautiful projects, Erin. I really love that Lily Pond blanket. It looks so summery – wonderful colors you chose for it. I can’t wait to see what you make for the next YOP year. Your crochet creations are always a delight.


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