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Finished Friday: Lily Pond blanket

I FINALLY finished the Lily Pond blanket that I have been working on all year. Well half a year.

I do plan to make another one . I am not too crazy about these colors. The flower blocks look great but the long panels , aren’t so great 😦  I dislike the greens and the Peacock.

This blanket ate up a bunch of yarn . I bought 2 spring green, 2 paddy green and 2 Peacock skeins. 7 ounces each.



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Now that the blanket is finished ( and Frida’s Flowers Blanket is almost complete as well). I am not sure what to do now. Sure I have a billion projects I can make but this projects was lily donemy go to when I didn’t want to crochet anything else.

I can’t start another until I have made up my mind about all the colors. With this Lily I changed the purples . The pattern called for a few shades of pink and I wanted all purple but not all purples go together in my opinion so I used Boysenberry and Lemon to go with the Dark Orchid and Orchid. Something I was terrified to do . But they matched up pretty well.

IMG_3516 The middle (pictured left) is a great example of how well the colors flowed . Well I think so anyway.

I should’ve used more aqua and turquoise . They don’t really pop in the pictures.

Still with a few dislikes, I LOVE this blanket . Its washed and it smells great. 🙂

Thank you Jane Crowfoot for designing such a gorgeous pattern!