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A weird habit I picked up from a sibling

I have this weird habit I picked up from my oldest brother David.  My mother in law thinks it’s gross.

Spaghetti sandwich . Well any noodle will do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about , I will tell you. You butter a piece of bread and you put your elbows or spaghetti on the bread and fold one side over and enjoy:)

It’s a little messy if you put too much on the bread but worth it!

65248713I’ve been doing this since middle school. Dave being 10 years older than me, of course I looked up to him. he was the coolest. He introduced me to Nirvana!!!!!!

Anyway when I was in 6th grade, he and his girlfriend broke up and he had no where to go so he moved in with my grandma and I. One night at dinner ( it was spaghetti and I saw Dave put the noodles on a piece of bread, I tried it and though it was the best ever!

He stayed for 3 years and it was awesome!

I don’t know any one else besides Dave and I that make the spaghetti sandwich. It may be weird to some but totally normal to me.

At least its not a bad habit , like smoking that I picked up from Dave. 🙂


Please share a weird habit you picked up from a sibling or that a sibling picked up from you 🙂



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