A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 49

Just a few weeks left to this years A year of Projects. I want to say it went by fast, but it kinda didn’t.

For my fellow Yoppers.. I will be posting the year 6 banners I made each each week that is remaining for this year( in the ravelry group). . Two are posted already as of this post. I also made the matching sidebar banners as well.I already chose the  I will be using 🙂

Projects I finished this week:

SNOOPY SCARF. all this scarf needed was Snoopy’s body. I figured he’s been without one for so long I might as well give him one 🙂

snoopy scarf



BEACH BEAUTY BAG. All I see is Wonder Woman… Which is ok 🙂  I added a lip balm holder I made to the belt loop.

beach bag

I’ve been trying to eat better lately. Lose some weight and keep it off. Try new foods. I looked on Pinterest for some yummy new recipes and I came across this Cheesy Zucchini and squash bake. I tried zucchini and squash a few weeks ago for the first time at Denny’s of all places as a substitute for the french fries  . I loved it!! So I knew I would love this cheesy bake . I was sick of potatoes and noodles as sides with dinner now I have another option. I just need my hubby to be to get on board with it 🙂


And a great snack , Baked Pickles.

baked pickles

Thats all for this week.

superhero signature


8 thoughts on “YOP5 week 49

  1. Baked pickles sound awesome! We’ve been addicted to Zoodles (spiralized zucchini noodles) and avocado salads lately. I can’t bear to think of baking in this heat!

    The Beach bag is great! Definitely Wonder Woman!


  2. Glad to know I wasn’t all wet when I saw a Wonder Woman costume when you showed the unfinished project some weeks back. 🙂 What a fun bag! And the snoopy scarf is adorable. And thank you, Erin, for the YOP banners and graphics. I’m in the camp that can’t believe how quickly this last YOP year has gone. Looking forward to another great year.


  3. Oh, I saw wonder woman as well a few weeks ago. Great idea to add the lip balm holder. The snoopy scarf is adorable. I hear you about trying to find things that are healthy and low in calories/fat to help with weight loss. So far, the best place I have found is Skinnytaste. My hubby even loves her recipes. I used them a couokeof years ago and droppec weight fairly easily. Back at it again to remove the rest of it.


  4. That Snoopy scarf is the cutest! I also love the Wonder Woman beach bag….you are so creative! I can’t wait for your new banners because in the past they were all knitting ones. The recipes look delicious too!


    1. if you are in the ravelry group the first two banners and sidebars are posted in the Year of Projects graphics thread. My banners are for both knitters and crocheters. I even made both their own sidebar. Last year I only made a crochet sidebar.


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