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Emoji Blanket

If you are a crocheter than maybe you have heard of a Corner to Corner (c2c for short).

But if you haven’t ( OMG why not?!?!?) then you should check out Repeat Crafter Me‘s amazing C2C blankets. ( Actually check out all of Sarah’s patterns).

I started the emoji panel blanket the first week of February of this year. Like I need another blanket ( Lily Pond blanket and now Frida’s Flowers ) . These panels were hard to resist. They’re so cute!

Since I don’t need another blanket I decided to make a curtain for my craft area. Ā I can fit 3 across the door (less) frame. I will only be making 9 panels.6 are done… see for yourself ….


I have to sew the ends in but all in all I am happy the way they are turning out. Now to decide what my last 3 emojis will be. A few people I’ve found made others than what Sarah made for the pattern. I will show you later šŸ™‚


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