A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 48

Finishing up the few WIPs (works in progress ) I have left. I  had a burst of energy this week and was able to work on a few things.

Finished the Embarrassed emoji.. 3 left 🙂 And I fell in love with these Zoodiacs by 1dogwoof . I waited too long for the monkey! My chinese zodiac animal is the monkey. ( my finance is the Goat..lol) We were born the same year but he was born before the chinese new year. I am thinking about making something with these zoodiacs for my MIL for Christmas . I have to make a few more for her daughter, son in law and 2 kids and their dogs. oh and one for my cat..hehe

The scarf and Tardis nesting bowls are done. 2 more left.


Fruity garland is almost done. This will hang in my kitchen. It will be great motivation to eat better.


Something for the craft fair. Cord tamer.


And 2 hats

By the way #SharkWeek is June 26 🙂


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