A Year of Projects · Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP5 week 47

Not much to show for this week. I am so over these projects. Why did I pick them? I had this feeling at the end of last year as well. I think I am just too excited for year 6. My list is ready to go 🙂

But no matter how I feel I have to push through and finish my projects.

I plan to remove all projects from my queue on Ravelry and only have projects that are on my year 6 list.  I will share more of my evil plan later.. 😀  Also all my post will be here on wordpress.

Now on to the crochet pretties.

bee flag
Pattern by Snappy Tots


Lots of purple in my temp blanket . Good thing I like purple 🙂

And my Frida’s Flowers blanket so far


With the list I still have, I have to make a bunch of items for the craft fair this summer. Its a weekly event so I need lots of stuff .




3 thoughts on “YOP5 week 47

  1. Wow, the temperature blanket has a lot of squares. ;^) So does purple mean you’ve had a lot of nice days or not so nice days? Fun idea!


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