A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 46

Today is my brothers birthday. He is 43! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY! you old fart 😀

With the weather being so nice this week I spent some time out on the porch. The landlord took the old fridge to the dump and that freed up some space. I moved some stuff around to make it more roomy around the spot I crochet.. there is still a lot to do but we’re just renters so it can’t be much.


Like I mentioned last week , I wanted to remove the pink and purple from the beach bag. This is how it looks now. I have to add another bottom so I can add ruffles since the color I used I can’t find more of.

Pattern by Snappy Tots

I need to add tabs to this Bee garden flag…


And I made a buddy for my Pea shooter.Snow is a bit taller than the Pea but I plan to fix that.

                         Pattern by AradiyaToys 

Also I made a cactus.. a cute little 10 minute project I made the other night at about 10 pm.

Pattern by La Casa de Crafts 




4 thoughts on “YOP5 week 46”

  1. I love the bag. Am I the only one who sees a Wonder Woman outfit there now, though? I don’t know if that is intentional, but I love it. I always love seeing your creative and fun projects, Erin.


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