A Year of Projects, Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP5 week 45: Happy Mother’s Day

Oh the things you find………..

I was bored a few nights ago, not sure what to make. I looked to the left of the chair I was sitting in and saw a few unfinished projects in a small box. Shark tail I don’t have the right yarn for, a bunny hat with no eyes, beach bag that needs handles and a gnome amigurumi.

I started this gnome in April of 2014. All he needed was a nose and a mustache and to be stuffed. Took about 15 minutes for all this .  Why did it take me so long to finish this little cutie? Forever a mystery I guess.

He is now done and right where he should be, on the shelf with his Amigurumi family. A happy bunch.

Must.. make.. more 🙂

Here is the bag I mentioned before…… I plan to cut off the pink and purple. I think the way it was crocheted is why I put it away . I think I didn’t have enough stitches, or too many. And the join in the back looks crappy.

Other than finding awesome treasures, I have been hard at work with my temperature blanket.

This is all the squares laid out. 4 months. 121 squares.

I am joining them by single crocheting the squares from the back. I don’t have a photo yet but all squares have been joined.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom in heaven…. and to all moms!


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