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YOP5 week 41 and a Lily Pond Update

Yesterday was my birthday. 36! (f*%#) ! I had a good day. I made my grandmother’s stuffed green peppers ( for myself – Jon doesn’t like peppers) . So yummy!

My MIL bought me a cake …. she couldn’t remember if I was 36 or not so she grabbed and 3 and 0..lol  I’ll take 30 🙂

On to Lily…

I crocheted blocks 3 and 4 together

a bit of a close up.

Blocks 2 and 5

Block 5 in 3 stages 🙂

This is one version of block 7. ( before blocking)

This is the other version I am using.

This was my last update last year. I have almost all the blocks made. I need to finish 5 and 7 and then 8.

I want to finish this before the end of the month. I started on May 7 2015.

 I really want to make the  Frida’s Flowers Blanket but I will only be making one block from each update until I am sure I am happy with my color choice. For the lily, I wish I would of used teal instead of peacock and a less dark of a green. I used Paddy green since that’s all I had on hand.

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