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To Knit or Not to Knit

I’ve wanted to learn to knit for a while now. More than just casting on. I learned how to crochet by my mom when I was 13 (1993) . I wanted to make a blanket for my first nephew who was due in March of 1994.  My mom made one for me when I was born so she seemed like a good enough teacher… I did not have the patience for crocheting . My tension was too tight and I gave up in a few months. never finishing or coming close to making that blanket.

Me at one with the blanket my mom made me.

In the fall of 2011, Months after my mom passed of brain cancer I picked up loom knitting. Seemed easy and fun… and boy was it.  A year after, I picked up my hook again , The same one my mom taught me with and I instantly felling love .  I wish my mom was still here to see what I’ve made. She of course would be asking me to make a bunch of stuff for her..hehe and I would be happy to make it.

I see knitting as a huge challenge. I’ve tried it before and like learning to crochet for the first time at 13,  I didn’t have the patience. Casting on was a breeze and I could do it all day but it wouldn’t get me anywhere. I’d just have a really long chain.

One of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was to learn to knit. But I need a project .  I saw this Totoro graph in a ravelry group I am in . I can easily use it for a crochet project but I like the way it looks knitted.

I want to learn and I will accomplish something in the next few months. Like I need more projects! But I set my mind to it and it WILL get done 🙂

I hope you will follow my possibly short journey and if you are a knitter , share some tricks and tips.

More later,