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Temperature Blanket week 1

Have you heard about this?

 “The idea is to crochet a row a day for an entire year. The color you use is determined by the temperature each day.”       -Repeat Crafter Me. ( said it best)  

I first heard about a Temperature Scarf a few years ago. I started one but never got past the first month. This year I plan to make a blanket. I like projects I can piece together. My blanket will be 2 round granny squares using a J size hook.

Here are my colors

91 and above – Cream

81 – 90            Perfect Pink

71 – 80            Rouge

61 -70             Lavender

51 – 60            Orchid

41 – 50            Bright Orchid

31 – 40            Turquoise

21 – 30            Delft Blue

11 – 20            Jade

10 and below- Peacock

I will be adding snow days as well.

Here is my progress for week one. As you can see its been a colorful week 🙂

a few turquoise , bright orchid , a sparkly square for a snow day and delft blue.

I can’t wait to see what week 2 brings!

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