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15 in 2015 Project # 12

I am a little behind with these posts.  So 11 and 12 were posted on the same day.

Project #12 : Crowned Elsa hat/wig

Pattern designer: Rebecca Lueck

I just noticed this almost completed hat in one of  my project bags. I started it in March for a customer who changed her mind. So it sat.  I just had to add some more strands for the hair and braid it.  I like this version pattern than the other version I sell in my shop. This will be limited .. it takes a lot of white yarn.

Crochet stuff

15 in 2015 Project #11

Project # 11: Tigger Slouchy Hat

Pattern designer: Here’s a hint… this list is mostly from her yup, its Snappy Tots.. again.

I couldn’t resist this pattern . Tigger is so cute. No one in mind to gift it to but I am sure I will find someone who likes Poo and the gang.

Now on to make Eeyore.. maybe Poo and Piglet too if I have enough pink yarn.